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City to endorse Halloween 2021 on a Sunday

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

Halloween has been a little off-kilter in the last few years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Trick-or-treating was not banned in 2020, but the Town of Mountain City could not endorse the holiday because of the dangers associated with the pandemic. This year, the city will back Halloween events and has set the official date for trick-or-treating as Sunday, October 31.
The community has mixed views on whether this should happen on a Sunday night. Some call the act offensive, as it is on “the Lord’s day.” Other’s remove religion from the conversation and point out that kids have school the next day. A third group seems not to care either way, while a fourth group looks at the possible benefits of celebrating on a Sunday by entwining church events into the celebration.
Once again, controversy has exploded out of a
decision from the City
Council. The original vote passed unanimously, but the community has mixed views. Some locals have reportedly decided not to give out candy because of the day, although how many will follow suit cannot be known until the day.
When asked about the decision to celebrate on Sunday, City Mayor Jerry Jordan explained that this is not the first time for the city to do so. The city’s decision was based on the holiday and not anything else, Jordan told The Tomahawk.
“It has been done on Sunday before,” Jordan commented. “The council has gotten crucified in the past for moving it and for not moving it. We can’t please everybody.”
Others in the community backed up Jordan’s statement about trick-or-treating being held on Sundays in the past, stating it was common in Mountain City in the 1970s and 1980s. Other areas reportedly set the event for Halloween night as well. It seems there is precedence both in town and around the nation despite many people not remembering.
According to Jordan, everything else with Halloween will remain the same as usual. The city is not promoting any additional tips or restrictions not already endorsed in prior years. More details on age restrictions and other aspects will be available to the public shortly.