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City Council seat vacated, Interim City Recorder appointed

Jinifer Rae

Freelance Writer

The Town of Mountain City held its monthly council meeting last Tuesday to discuss a number of significant changes.

Not surprisingly, the meeting began with council members expressing their thanks and appreciation for Mayor Jerry Jordan for the tireless work and effort put forth maintaining town government after the recent suspension of City Recorder Sheila Shaw.

The focus on the extra work comes two weeks after Shaw and city office worker Donna Nelson were indicted for theft and official misconduct, respectively.

Council members praised Jordan for remaining calm in the face of turbulence and continuing to keep the town’s government fully operational, although “short-staffed.”

During the meeting, Jordan officially suspended Shaw without pay until further notice, which according to Jordan, means that Shaw’s employment is not yet terminated.

“That will be revisited upon the outcome of her court case,” Jordan said.

Alderman Lawrence Keeble recommended Alderman Bud Crosswhite to fill the vacated position of City Recorder. Alderman Dustin Shearin also suggested the role of an assistant position to the City Recorder, which the Council favored.

Following a brief discussion, the Council agreed to officially appoint Crosswhite as the new interim City Recorder.

After a quick vote, the decision was also made to promote city office worker Donna Burges as assistant City Recorder with a pay range adjustment.

While accepting the new position, Crosswhite officially resigned as Alderman, thus opening a seat on Council. This change leaves the city with a vacant seat for Alderman till the November elections.

The shakeup of government was not easy but, according to Shearin, “necessary for the smooth transition and continuation of government.”

Jordan acknowledged that the work to catch up with everything is by no means done.

“There is still a lot to do,” he said. “Since the abrupt loss of the City Recorder, we are still behind on a few things but working hard on behalf of the residents of Mountain City.”

Several other projects were mentioned at the evening’s meeting, including a much-needed sewer line upgrade on Oak Street and Hillside Rd.

A water-related issue in connection with Vineyard Farms, a new 36-home subdivision off Dry Hill Road, was revisited, resulting in the Council needing confirmation that the developer met “all the requirements to the City Council’s satisfaction.”

The need for another water source to support the town’s population growth was also highlighted.

As these projects move along and come to fruition, the Tomahawk will cover them to ensure its readers
are kept informed and
up to date.