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City Council discusses bridge, football field, Parkdale and OSHA

By Lacy Hilliard
The City Council met in regular session on March 3, 2015 at City Hall in Mountain City.
Don Kerley was first to address the City County at the March meeting with concerns about a proper playing field for Johnson County Youth League Football. “You guys have always helped the Little League,” stated Kerley as he expressed his desire for support. Kerley went on to propose that a Youth League Football Field be added to Ralph Stout Park in Mountain City. According to Kerley, Youth League Football is the only sport that lacks proper facilities. The council members went on to discuss Kerley’s request raising concerns about whether or not Ralph Stout Park houses adequate space to accommodate such a request. Concerns were also raised about the drainage issues throughout the park. Mayor Keeble stated that a fault line that runs through the park and goes as far as to Kingsport may be to blame for the improper drainage in the park. Mayor Keeble advised Kerley to map out desired locations for the field. The council members agreed to continue to explore the option of a Youth League Football Field at next month’s meeting.
Following Kerley’s request, the council members got down to the agenda. Mayor Keeble provided an update about the Village Square Lane Bridge Project stating, “The plan is about 95% complete and ready to submit to TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation)”. It is estimated that the bridge project will cost over one million dollars, however, the city is only partially responsible for that sum. It will be the responsibility of the city to incur the cost of rerouting water and sewage lines that may stand in the way of bridge construction.
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