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City Council deals with various issues in meeting

By Bonnie Davis Guy
The Mountain City Council meeting was called to order and Mayor Lawrence Keeble, Aldermen Bud Crosswhite, Bob Morrison, Kenny Icenhour, and Jerry Jordan were all in attendance, along with City Recorder, Sheila Shaw, and City Attorney, Steve McEwen. The first order of business for the evening was the approval of the consent calendar, followed by council members concerns and comments.
Alderman Jerry Jordan mentioned complaints regarding the flashing light at the high school. This matter will be investigated further. He also brought forth a concern regarding children carrying bikes across the rock barricade to ride on the closed bridge. It was decided and a motion approved to post no trespassing signs and for law enforcement to take appropriate action if they witness an event of trespassing by unauthorized persons on the bridge. The major concern is public safety. Engineers working on the bridge have been clear that it could fall under stress. The goal is to have the bridge repair complete by the end of this summer. The city attorney is now working on easements to work on water lines on either side of the bridge project.
A capital outlay of $400,000 is needed to be budgeted and approved for the city to specifically cover new air packs and equipment for the fire department and for work on city streets. This motion was unanimously approved. The next item was that all city employees caught up on raises and pay grade changes based on completion of educational certifications. However, in the future, department heads would be obligated to come before the board of mayor and alderman for approval of all certifications that would result in pay raises and pay grade changes. This does not include mandatory continuing education units required by some positions.
Memorial weekend will kick off the Iron Mountain Riders Flag Display on the courthouse lawn on Saturday, May 23rd. The city swimming pool will open on Monday, May 25th, Memorial Day. The pool season will close the weekend prior to the opening of school in August. Opening the pool before Memorial Day has been proven to be costly, with low attendance numbers. Calls are already being received regarding pool reservations for parties.
Mayor Keeble has been working diligently to obtain the easements and settlements needed to proceed with the Goose Creek Trail project. As soon as the attorney completes the easements, a letter to proceed will be received from the state. This will not only signify that all is approved but will secure the grant for this project so the city can move forward with completing it. Mayor Keeble stated that this trail project may seem costly, however, it will not only enhance Ralph Stout Park but will be a huge asset to the town of Mountain City.
Jerry Horne, Collection-Distribution Superintendent, announced that he will be retiring effective September 1, 2015. He states that he loves his job but feels it is time to retire and enjoy his family. The committee expressed sorrow in his leaving and told him he had done an excellent job over the years. This announcement comes on the heels of Bob Eller’s, Public Works Directors, announcement that he will be retiring. Mayor Keeble consulted the board on conducting extensive advertising for these jobs so that the most qualified candidates can be located.
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