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City Council considers improvements

By Meg Dickens
The City Council met on Tuesday, February 6, for its monthly meeting. All members were in attendance except Alderman Crosswhite as the meeting held at the City Hall, 210 S. Church St., was called to order at 6:31 p.m.
No presentations or public hearings were scheduled, so the council moved straight to the consent calendar. The minutes were quickly approved unanimously as well as the second and final reading of budget amendment ordinance Number 1577, which covered $12,585 for sanitation vehicle repairs.
The floor was then turned over to the council members to discuss any concerns or comments they may have.
Vice-Mayor Jordan thanked employees for their hard work and dedication, especially in the recent weather. He gave a health update, mentioning that he will be going back to the doctor in a month to see if he can switch from the wheelchair over to a walking boot.
Alderman Morrison has been talking to the police chief about the computers approved for the station. Faster internet speed is required. The city is considering switching to Skyline to fix the problem but is still reviewing the costs along with a central computer system for wreck records.
Mayor Parsons gave the floor over to Kimberly Harper to discuss her proposal for a Fun Center, which would include local entertainment such as laser tag, a skating rink, a movie theater, and an arcade. Several parts have been donated, and Harper believes that other donations may be coming in. The Board believes that the proposed addition would be an excellent way to keep business in town and wishes to get the project underway. Parsons mentioned that grants should become available soon.
Reporter Shaw stated that a recent auction on seized vehicles brought in $15,729.01 in revenue. The money is going into the drug fund and will be used to purchase a new police cruiser when the adequate funds are raised. The floor was then turned over to discuss new business.
Danny Sims was given the floor to discuss the water treatment plant. It is undergoing several grant projects leaving them shorthanded and in need of an inspection.
It was decided that Brian Fredrick needed some help. Chris Hook will transfer over after his current project has concluded. It was also decided that Sims needed a smartphone to receive emails more quickly.
Jana Jones was given the floor to discuss the Farmer’s Market move to Ralph Stout Park. The Board decided to keep the area zoned as residential. The Farmer’s Market will operate in the same capacity as a concession stand. The storage unit will be moved behind the stage area, and Alderman Morrison is working on signage.
Dwight Stapleton was then given the floor to discuss a GIS (geographic information science) mapping system through Communities Unlimited, which is believed would optimize Mountain City’s mapping systems and be available on any device with the proper login information.
“This should have been done years ago,” Alderman Morrison said following the presentation. The Board agreed that this was necessary and decided to put it up to bid.
The Board approved a four-year engineering agreement between Bennett Associates and the Town of Mountain City. An agreement was made with Sizemore-Frederick last year, which has now merged to form Bennett Associates, continuing the deal since 2017. The Board also approved both a Dry Run water tank and water source evaluation to supplement the agreement. The Parkdale meter was denied. The first reading of budget amendment ordinance Number 1578 was given, which covers $775 for the waste and water treatment plant dishwasher and fridge.
The Pedro Shoun pump should be running by the end of the month, which should give that area good, decent water. The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.