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Citizens present concerns to council about city taxes in Rainbow; Shouns intersection

By Bonnie Davis Guy
July’s city council meeting at the Mountain City Town Hall was standing room only as citizens wished to address the mayor and aldermen with concerns regarding several recent accidents at the intersection of Crossroads and Forge Creek Road, as well as issues raised by some Rainbow residents who are now responsible for paying city taxes.
The meeting was called to order with the first item on the agenda being the first reading of Ordinance Number 1435, based on the Mountain City Planning Commission’s recommendation to vacate and abandon a portion of South Church Street from Stout Road to Highway 421. After discussion of possible outcomes and consequences of abandoning this road among the mayor, aldermen and the city attorney, it was unanimously voted to maintain the road and its easement as is so that access to water and other utility services would be accessible without issue in the future. Next on the agenda was the second and final reading of Ordinance Number 1436 that allows a rezoning of a portion of a property located at the corner of Mayberry Lane and Stout Road beside Burger King. This ordinance would allow the owners of Mountain Fitness to build a new fitness center on this site. The new center would not only include fitness equipment and weight training facilities, but also fitness classes for all ages and abilities. This ordinance was easily passed with full support of council.
At this time, the council called upon those that wished to speak regarding the accident and traffic issues at the intersection just above Food Lion on Forge Creek Road. Both a concerned homeowner and the business manager of the Amedisys Home Health office located at the same intersection came forward to speak. Amedisys’ office had been hit by a vehicle recently that caused structural damage to the building but without any employee injuries. As this was one of many accidents at this intersection where both Jones Hardwood Flooring and Amedisys were recently hit, those working and residing nearby are concerned about the possibility of more severe accidents in the future. A proposal of decreasing the speed limit, adding signs, and possibly a flashing red light was made to the council. The council took the concerns about these accidents very seriously, especially in light of the construction of a new Dollar General nearby that could increase traffic congestion.
Mayor Keeble asked Bob Eller, Public Works Director, and Police Chief Denver Church to give their opinions on the best solution. It was decided the first step would be lowering the speed limit and more frequent radar and speeding fines for those disregarding the decreased speed limit approaching the intersection. The possibility of a placing a flashing light or even rumble strips to warn drivers of the upcoming intersection are being investigated with the State Department of Transportation.
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