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Chamber of Commerce unveils new website

By Veronica Burniston
Freelance Writer

“Welcome to Mountain and Lake Country,” boasts the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce’s new website.

Beginning in June 2020, the Chamber began updating and rewriting its previous site. Its Directors sought to make it a more “user-friendly format,” offering an easy-to-navigate system while providing accurate and timely information about the county. The Johnson County Chamber of Commerce is a “business network” that strives to support local businesses, encourage and build up community leaders, promote beneficial activities that nurture community growth, and strengthen the local economy’s foundation. The Chamber’s updated website surfaces at an opportune time since the pandemic has drastically increased online traffic.

“In the midst of COVID 19,” Gina Meade, the Johnson County Chamber of Commerce’s President, said, “our focus is creating an economy that can not only support our community but also provide employment opportunities for future generations…We need to harness [online marketing] to allow local businesses the exposure to attract…and retain the talent we have locally allowing for expansions in their workforce.”

In addition to the site’s provision of local history, events, businesses, recreation, and visitor information, the Chamber also offers the “Leadership Johnson County” program, which focuses on providing opportunities for “emerging leaders” to participate in and initiate positive growth in the community.Through its revitalized online presence, the Chamber stresses the natural beauty of the county and the natural talent of the local people.

“…we have a vast array of talent here,” Gina commented, “Whether that be the bluegrass of one of our own native sons sharing his talent locally and on the road…or the gifted artisans we are blessed to have among us sharing their craft and honing their skills by brushstroke or chisel…our area has a vastly abundant heritage of talent entwined with people driven to preserve local history. All these elements combine and form the unique community that is Johnson County.”

If interested in learning more about the local Chamber of Commerce and its mission for Johnson County, visit its website at