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Cannabis oil use approved by state

By Paula Walter
Tennessee’s House of Representatives and Senate unanimously passed legislation supporting the use of cannabis oil to help diminish uncontrolled seizures and epilepsy in patients. The oil, extracted from marijuana, is very low in THC, or tetrahydrocannabino, the component that gives users their high.
“It was an honor to vote in favor of the legislation,” said State Representative Timothy Hill. “I have heard from people across the district that were in favor of it to treat various types of seizures. It is a good common sense approach and my hope is that many people will be helped through its passage.” The bill is currently awaiting Governor Haslam’s approval.
The legislation does not allow for the sale or production in Tennessee, but allows individuals with documentation from a physician to bring cannabis oil back into the state. The oil has been found to relieve seizures in those people who may not have responded to traditional treatment. Marijuana remains illegal and is a considered a schedule one drug where the federal government does not recognize it having any medicinal value.
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