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Cancer is no match for Frankie Gentry

By: Lacy Hilliard
Tomahawk Writer/Photographer

Lifetime Johnson County resident, Frankie Gentry and his wife, Rosa Gentry were given the shock of a lifetime when Frankie was diagnosed with Stage 3a lung cancer in August of 2012. Though the news was life altering, Frankie is living proof that love, faith and strength can overcome even the greatest adversity.
While suffering from pneumonia, Frankie felt his symptoms beginning to worsen. He was immediately admitted to the emergency room and at first; doctors feared the possibility of cardiac arrest. However, it wasn’t long before a CT scan determined that Frankie’s deteriorating condition was due to cancer of the right lung. Immediately following Frankie’s ER visit, he was recommended to a series of specialists to begin his treatment plan.
Frankie’s treatment regimen began with three chemotherapy sessions and ended in the removal of his right lung. Twenty-five radiation treatments were also needed and it was this routine that challenged his resolve. “It was really rough. I had no appetite and I was sick and weak all the time. But chemotherapy was much worse than radiation. My treatments took five and a half hours at a time and by the time I got out of there, I barely even knew my name.” Though wariness from the entire ordeal was certainly making its presence known, Frankie frequently surprised his doctors. What should have been a seven day hospital stay prior to the removal of his right lung, turned out to be a mere three day stay due to Frankie’s hard-fought resolve for his health and life.
As twenty-seven year members of Dewey Christian Church, Frankie and Rosa say it was their faith that got them through cancer. Frankie said, “Going through cancer and not knowing the Lord is something I can’t even imagine. It was his grace that got me through.” The power of prayer as well as the support of a community helps keep the Gentry’s in fight mode.

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