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Bridge construction finally nearing completion

After enduring many months of lane closures and long red light waits, the many motorists traveling into Mountain City via State Highway 67 are finally seeing some signs indicating the end of the state’s bridge rehabilitation project near the intersection of Highway 67 and Highway 421, a major thoroughfare in Johnson County.
According to Mark Nagi, the Community Relations Officer with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), the contractor, Summers-Taylor, Inc. of Elizabethton, has just recently completed the proposed concrete construction of the bridge rehabilitation. “This bridge rehabilitation was constructed in two phases,” reported Nagi, “utilizing a temporary traffic signal system with an alternating one lane for traffic through the phased project work zone.” This temporary traffic signal and one-lane traffic system currently remains in effect in order to facilitate some of the remaining project construction.
Nagi indicates only a few items remain uncompleted. “The primary remaining bridge construction items to be completed are: The textured coated finishing (painting) of the bridge and the mechanical grooving of the concrete bridge deck for surface skid resistance.”
As the bridge project nears completion some “roadway construction items” remain to be completed including the construction of new concrete sidewalks adjacent to the bridge approaches, the milling, which is the partial removal of the existing asphalt as it approaches at the bridge ends and the application of new asphalt at this area, the application of asphalt pavement markings, the installation of new guardrail at the bridge approaches, the removal of both the temporary Interconnected Concrete Portable Barrier Railing, which separated and protected the traffic from the phased work zone construction, the temporary traffic signal system, and the final project dressing and cleanup.
Nagi reports some of the above listed remaining work items will be performed by subcontractors. “It will be necessary to leave the existing temporary Interconnected Concrete Portable Barrier Rail and temporary Traffic Signal System in place for a little while longer,” he said, “in order to separate and protect the traffic flow during some of the remaining items of work to be completed.”
“Contractually” the project's proposed completion date is on or before October 31, 2011. “TDOT and the contractor's management are sensitive to the necessary, temporary inconvenience of the public traffic navigating this project work zone,” said Nagi. “The contractor's management is striving to complete this project as soon as possible, and hopefully before the proposed completion date baring any unforeseen circumstances to the contrary.”
The project, which was let in August 2010, and awarded to Summers-Taylor costs approximately $660,000 with 80 percent being federally funded. The remaining 20 percent is to be paid by the State of Tennessee.
“We appreciate the patience and understanding of all concerned parties involved regarding the temporary, necessary inconvenience associated with this project's construction” said Nagi. “We definitely look forward to the project's completion in the very near future, having the public inconvenience alleviated and opening a new bridge and roadway section in the Town of Mountain City!”