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Brad Dunn welcomed at first school board meeting

By Lacy Hilliard
The September monthly meeting of the Johnson County School Board was called to order on September 13. The board began by welcoming new member, Brad Dunn to his newly elected seat. Dunn pledged his commitment to the board and the meeting was called to order.
This month’s meeting contained several items on the agenda including the approval of all scheduled field trips within the district that are greater than a 150-mile radius. All trips were approved as expected.
Student School Board Representative, Jacob McGlamery, gave his monthly report to the board. McGlamery began by updating the board on the progress of the high school sports teams including football, volleyball, golf, and cheerleading. McGlamery reported that each team has shown excellent progress and promise thus far. Next on McGlamery’s agenda was the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) clubs “Red Out Day.” The club sponsored several events related to the promotion of heart health through the American Heart Association’s guidance. McGlamery concluded his report by informing the board of the implementation of the CBM (Christian Bible Ministries) program. The program is now made available to all interested freshman students as an extracurricular activity.
The next several items on the agenda were as follows: The board approved a 60-month lease with Pitney Bowes for a postage meter at central office at a cost of $61 per month. Up next was discussion about renewing the license agreement with PLATO; an internet-based computer program that is used as a learning aid for at-risk students that are either homebound or within the ESC program. JCHS Principal Lisa Arnold spoke about the effectiveness of the program as well as the advanced difficulty level of the curriculum. The $17,500 license agreement was renewed for the time period of one year. The contract will come up for board approval again in September 2013. Approvals were made in reference to the McQueen house and planned renovations by the ETSU College of Health Affairs. All planned renovations were approved under the stipulation that the board remain in control of any agreements held with hired contractors.
George Triplett was in attendance to give a photo slideshow and update about the residential construction project that is underway behind the JCHS baseball field. Triplett reported that the project is progressing nicely, saying, “I’m thankful for the board’s support with the project. For four hours a day, five days a week, vocational students are learning new skills and how to operate equipment. The program is about teaching a profession and so far, it’s a success.”
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