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Board proposes field rename to honor Pavusek

By Meg Dickens
Freelance Writer

Those familiar with Johnson County Schools and its athletics department are aware of the former baseball coach, Coach Pete Pavusek. Pavusek, known as Coach P, served Johnson County High School for 28 years before passing away in 2022. Within this time, he touched the lives of many students and impacted Johnson County as a whole, which was evident when officials hosted his packed memorial service in the school gymnasium. In Pavusek’s memory, the Johnson County School System hopes to rename the baseball stadium in his honor.
“I’ve had a couple of people that have mentioned it. I think it might be something we want to consider,” Board Member Mike Payne brought up the idea to the Board. “That is the baseball field, naming it after Coach P.”
All evidence seems to show that Pavusek has made an impression on the surrounding area. Records show that his teams have earned 337 wins during his tenure. Groups are reportedly creating awards in Pavusek’s name. Even his beloved North Shore Corvette Club selected him as its first posthumous Hall of Fame inductee this March.
Despite the interest, there are more steps to changing the name than some realize. Its current name derives from the group that provided resources for the field’s completion. There are legalities that officials must go through before officially proposing this change. Reportedly, these steps are already in motion.
“We are actually in discussions with that,” Director of Schools Mischelle Simcox assured the Board. “We have to work with Hardee’s. The field was named the Hardee’s Field, probably in the 80s, so we’re having to go through legal steps. They put resources in to build it. We are working on that.”
Simcox says the school system hopes to have an official motion to present to the School Board for the next month’s meeting. There is no news on progress currently, but more information will be available on April 14. Keep an eye out for updates in the future.
The Johnson County School Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Each meeting is streamed live and available for viewing on the Johnson County Schools TN Video Youtube channel. For more information on Johnson County Schools, visit