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BL2 members halfway there and going strong

It’s been eight weeks since 29 people entered into the first weight-loss competition at Mountain Fitness. At that time, Brooke Reece, a certified personal trainer, and Karyn Downey, owner of Mountain Fitness, kicked off a weight-loss program that is based on the “Biggest Loser” television series, calling it “BL2.”
The initial combined starting weight for the 29 contestants was 5,779 pounds. Weigh-ins are conducted every two weeks. At the first weigh-in, a total of 105 pounds was lost, with a total percentage of body weight of 1.81 percent. At the second weigh-in, a total of 58 pounds was lost. Every four weeks, the contestant who loses the largest percentage of weight wins a one-month membership at Mountain Fitness, an hour of private training with Reece, as well as a Mountain Fitness t-shirt.
At the four-week weigh-in, Barry Greer came in first as he lost 12.37 percent of his body weight. The group lost a total of 50 pounds at the six-week weigh-in, and 32 pounds at the week eight weigh-in. Jamie Meade was the winner, coming in first with a weight loss of 15.44 percent of his body weight.
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