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Bizzies, Coffehouse CLOSED

Two of Johnson County’s favorite eateries have announced they are closing their doors leaving many area residents reeling. Folks will no longer have access to Biz Burgers or specialty coffee as both Bizzies, 365 South Shady Street, and The Coffeehouse, 122 Murphy Street, have recently announced business closings.
Bizzies was the first closing casualty, abruptly publishing a note on the windows of the business on January 22nd announcing that the restaurant would be closing forever and that equipment would be sold at public auction. First introduced in 1992, Glenn and Kevin Parsons’ stab at the fast food industry quickly caught on in Johnson County. Offering freshly made hamburgers, chicken strips, seasoned fries, and a super-sized sweet tea, Bizzies quickly became the “go-to” spot for many looking for an alternative to franchise fast food restaurants. From its brightly decorated bee-adorned exterior to its top selling menu items, many passing through the county were also drawn to the Parsons’ establishment.
“When I purchased all of the equipment from the old Boone Trail Dairy Bar a couple of years ago, my father and I began talking of closing Bizzies,” explained Parsons. “We discussed future plans of continuing the tradition of those one-of-a-kind burgers and chicken the Ashleys had for over 50 years.” Keeping with the familiar Boone Trail Dairy Bar, or “J.D.’s”, theme, Parsons enlisted the assistance of Shirley Shelton, a 40-year employee of the landmark dairy bar to help incorporate some of the food items into the Quickshop Grill’s menu.
“Almost immediately, the popularity of that duplicated taste helped us to know that this was the right time to make the decision to close Bizzies,” said Parsons. “My parents have worked hard their whole life and are at the age that they deserve to enjoy retirement without the hassles of operating a small business, and Ann and I are in the process of buying out their share of Parsons Quickshop/Marathon.”  
While closing one door has literally opened another, you’ll still find many of Bizzies most popular items available on the Quickshop Grill menu. “I’m sure that I will miss having my parents help in operating the businesses we held together for over 18 years but I know everyone wishes them a long and happy retirement,” said Parsons.  “Of course, part of the negotiations included a free meal for them every once in awhile or it might have been ‘every awhile,’ I guess I’d better re-check that one.”
Another popular food establishment has announced some big changes. Formerly Craig’s Coffee House, named for the previous owner, The Coffeehouse has become more than just a coffee shop, especially to the daily patrons who swing by for their morning conversations, or to the lunch crowd who have enjoyed soups, sandwiches and salads at this central location for the past decade. Craig Sluder, who still owns the building, reports several inquiries as interested parties are considering taking on the business, so, after a hiatus for some remodeling within the next month, the coffee and camaraderie is expected to resume and continue for years to come.