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Bishop jury trial to be scheduled

Correction: The Johnson County Schools special called meeting to discuss Bishop’s status is scheduled for Monday, November 4 at 5 p.m. at Central Office.

By Meg Dickens

After some delays, the case of former Johnson County Schools Transportation Supervisor Barry Bishop may end soon. A pair of dates to keep in mind includes Thursday, October 31 and Monday, November 4, 2019. According to officials, Bishop will come before the court on Thursday, October 31, for his jury trial to be set. The Johnson County School Board will also have a called meeting on Monday, November 4, to discuss Bishop’s employment and School Board lawyer Chris McCarty’s recommendation.

Bishop was arrested on January 3, 2018, for one count of theft over $10,000. TBI agents determined the total amount to be approximately $50,000. The public was outraged after learning that Bishop is still technically an employee of Johnson County School System. Attention on this case rose after a recent news that the Johnson County School Board considered “paying Bishop a large sum and allowing him to retire.” Board member Gary Matheson started asking questions during the October meeting, and locals were quick to agree with his line of questioning.

“I believe, as a representative of the school board and resident of Johnson County, Gary Matheson had every right to be upset and heated. He was not getting the answers that the people of Johnson County deserve.” said one supporter who did not want to be named.

When asked about the called meeting, Johnson County School Board Chairman Howard Carlton said, “the Board has utilized our attorney to navigate through the complex circumstances surrounding Mr. Bishop’s employment status. We want to ensure any action taken is correct and fair to all involved. Mr. McCarty will share his recommendations and answer Board Members’ questions at the called meeting. Afterward, the Board will make a decision giving guidance to the Director. We take employment decisions involving any of our employees with the utmost seriousness and respect in all circumstances.”

The called meeting will be on November 4 at 5 PM at Central Office. Keep an eye out for more updates on the Barry Bishop case in the future.