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Beware of Mtn. Electric imposters and scams

It seems there are always individuals who would take advantage of good people in times of distress and tragedy.
We have become aware of some people recently falling prey to some of those scam efforts. There have been people claiming to be MEC employees soliciting work and marketing questionable products.

We want to offer some guidelines for your protection.
Mountain Electric employees should always have an ID.
Mountain Electric employees are out working on the electric lines and rights of way for you. However they will not be soliciting their services to you for a fee. (Tree trimming, chipping, cutting, etc.)

They will not present any sales pitch to you for any product or service.
MEC employees will never ask to enter your home without proper ID. Only in very rare cases should they need to enter your home.
We are not selling any power factor correction devices for your meter or service. These devices are generally of no benefit.

No one should tamper with your electric meter in any way other than a Mountain Electric employee.
Check for any products that are marketed as qualifying for a tax credit.

Decline any offers to file paperwork to take advantage of home improvement tax credits for a fee. You can do it for free.

Call your local Mountain Electric office at 423-727-1800. if you have any doubts or suspicions about people presenting themselves as MEC employees wanting to sell something or charge you a fee for any service.