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Bad economy prompts ‘buy here, pay here’ plan at Anderson Auto

Marty Anderson of Anderson Auto Sales recently opened his doors this past August, bringing affordable vehicles along with easy payment plans to Johnson County.  At Anderson Auto Sales, customers are able to participate in a “buy here, pay here” plan.
Previously in the convenience store business, Anderson decided to take his passion for cars and provide what he believes is service that will benefit many in need of reliable transportation.  In these difficult economic times, Anderson acknowledges that coming up with a large down-payment for a vehicle, as well as possessing high credit scores, can be daunting for many who have suffered job losses.  At Anderson Auto Sales, those looking for used vehicles may be able to qualify for in-house loans, offering affordable weekly payments.
Dealerships that offer a “buy here pay here” approach cater to those who have found it difficult to get traditional auto loans due to a variety of reasons. Typically in this situation, the dealer provides the financing as opposed to third parties such as banks or credit unions. Individuals with no credit, bad credit or even bankruptcy may find that a “buy here pay here” dealer might be able to extend credit, allowing the buyer to purchase a vehicle.  Typically, most “buy here pay here” lenders do not report payments to credit bureaus. These lenders, those working with individuals who have credit problems, have less strict guidelines for loan approval.  This can be a solution for buyers who need a vehicle, but cannot qualify for a typical automobile loan with much more stringent requirements.
Anderson Auto Sales offers affordable and dependable vehicles for those customers paying cash as well as those needing in-house financing.  While spotless credit is not necessary, applicants will complete a credit application, along with providing a nominal down payment.  According to Anderson, the majority of down payments typically range from $500 to $1,500. The down payment correlates with the price of the vehicle.  Customers may also use their current vehicle as a trade in on a vehicle in Anderson’s lot. Regardless of the vehicle cost, buyers taking part in this plan will pay $50 per week.  The greater the loan, the longer the payment plan. However, customers who are paying cash qualify for a discount. “This is providing a much-needed service to the area,” Anderson said.   
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