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Backpack giveaway set for Saturday

By Beth Cox

Freelance Writer

Although many people are not even thinking about school and supplies, it is a different story for Andy and Lisa Zeggert.

The two are thinking about not only school supplies but many other ways of helping people, including handing out backpacks and school supplies to the youth of Johnson County for the past 15 years through the Old Mill Ministries.

They not only give the children the much-needed supplies but also work hard to make the event a fun-filled day for kids to come out and be kids.

“It takes a lot of work” to do what the Zeggerts do: get the supplies, organize the event, and just make sure everyone has an exciting day.

When asked why they do it, both said simultaneously, “we have been blessed.” Andy added, “So, where much is given, much is expected.”

Lisa knows how important it is for kids to feel ready for school and excited to start. “We all want nice things when school starts. We just want to put smiles on these kids’ faces,” the former Johnson County teacher said. They also acknowledge they could not do what they do without their team of volunteers and supporters.

“It’s a group effort. It’s just a bunch of people who love the Lord and want to help make the world a more loving and happier place,” she said.

This year, the Old Mill Ministries has partnered with other local organizations such as Action Coalition and UT Extension’s Empowering Youth and Families Program to hopefully give the young people a day they won’t soon forget.

The event will take place at Ralph Stout Park from 11-2 on Saturday, July 16. There will be games, food, fun, and other surprises for the whole family to enjoy.

A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition has also helped to make it a Prevention Day for everyone in the community. There will be local organizations at the park to help parents and guardians find any resources they may need to start the new school year off positively.

Everyone is urged to come out and check out all the booths and look for a few surprises that await the younger age groups.