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Arts to the rescue

By Meg Dickens
Staff Writer

Juried artists Lewis and Jeana Chapman plan to host a fundraiser at the Johnson County Farmers Market to serve three great causes: Rescue Dog End of Life Sanctuary, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and the Johnson County Center for the Arts.
Appropriately named, Doggy “Do” Arts to the Rescue, focuses on using art and entertainment featuring canines to help needs in the community. The fundraiser will be split into two categories denoting SNAP or Rescue DOG funds.

The Chapmans and other artists have created original art for sale featuring a wide variety of dogs. Along with this, attendees can win a raffle basket filled with dog and art-related items, watch a performance by Jan Standish and her dancing dog Gracie, and enjoy the Johnson County Farmers Market stalls.

Initially, Doggy Do was set for early June, but COVID-19 precautions pushed back the time and required a new venue. The Chapmans’ first venue was the Johnson County Center for the Arts, where both spouses and many other participants display their art for

“Due to the coronavirus, our plans for this event changed,” Jeana said while explaining the location change. “We were lucky enough to have the Johnson County Farmers Market ‘s support and a safer outdoor venue to hold our Doggy “Do” Arts to the Rescue fundraiser.

Doggy Do’s theme was inspired by Jeana’s mother. Both spouses hoped to increase exposure for the local art community and drew inspiration from Jeana’s mother. She enjoyed exploring new towns, craft fairs, and art shows with her rescue dogs at her side.

“When Lewis and Jeana Chapman first contacted me about a fundraiser for Rescue DOG, I never dreamed it would take off like it has. I am extremely thankful and humbled by their generosity and kindness towards rescue animals,” said Rescue DOG founder Melissa Gentry. “Rescue DOG is not a government-funded facility, and every expense from monthly vet bills to electricity, gas, supplies, and maintenance is completely out of pocket. The Doggy Do Fundraiser will contribute to these incoming bills and help our community animals at the same time!”

Doggy “Do” Arts to the Rescue will be housed at the Johnson County Farmers Market, 210 Old South Church Street in Mountain City, on July 4 from 9 a.m. to 12.p.m. All proceeds go to Rescue DOG & End of Life Sanctuary, SNAP, and the Johnson County Center for the Arts.