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Are unpleasant odor, health problems & pesticides linked in Shady Valley?

In the past four days, an unpleasant odor has been permeating the air in Shady Valley. Wishing to keep their names withheld at this time, several residents have contacted The Tomahawk expressing their concerns and worries regarding this problem.
According to The Tomahawk sources, fields in Shady Valley in which arugula, a field green, is grown were recently sprayed with pesticides. B&W Growers leases several fields in the Shady Valley area of Johnson County to grow this crop. One resident reported observing workers in Hazmat suits spraying the fields. Several sources reported that the spraying continued for three days. The smell continues to saturate the air in parts of Shady Valley, making its way into the homes of some of the residents. “It smells all over the valley,” one source reported. The Tomahawk has received numerous reports that wildlife has perished and the birds who frequent the area have not been seen for days. Residents are concerned not only for themselves, but for their pets who spend time outdoors.
Fletcher Musick lives on Route 421 in Shady Valley near the intersection of US 421 and Route 91. Musick relayed that he recently smelled an unusual odor. Driving towards the arugula fields, he noticed the air was heavy and filled with what he thought was smoke. Musick reported he was outside working on his car and began to get very ill. Days later, he is still coughing and added that he has experienced a strange taste in his mouth. “It got to where I couldn’t breathe,” Musick said. An employee for one of the local business also became ill and had to be sent home due to respiratory problems and throat irritation. Many more reports of allergies, bronchitis, sore throats and mouth ulcerations have been called in to The Tomahawk office.
At this time, residents are hopeful that a meeting later this week with representatives from B&W Growers will bring about some resolution to the problem. Attempts by The Tomahawk to reach a representative from B&W Growers have not been successful at this time. However, it has been reported by several sources that someone from B&W Growers will be arriving in Shady Valley in the next few days. The Tomahawk will release additional information to the public as it becomes available in future editions of the paper.