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Annual Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention draws large crowd

Musicians swap songs and stories Saturday as they enjoy the 94th Annual Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention in Laurel Bloomery TN. East Tennessee has long been a land of deep musical traditions. Nearly 100 years ago, in 1925, the famous Mountain City Fiddler’s Convention attracted an enormous crowd including dozens of musicians skilled in southern Appalachian fiddling. Submitted photo

By Tamas Mondovics

The anticipation of a great turnout for the 94th Annual Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention was not without merit as organizers prepared to welcome music lovers from near and far.
While the weather threatened to put a dent into the plans, it was not enough to deter the crowd of over 500 festival attendees that filled the campground at the Old Mill Music Park in Laurel Bloomery, TN, last weekend.
“This year was once again a success,” said Amanda Poteat about the event scheduled Friday, August 23 and Saturday, 24, 2019.
Competition categories again included Band, Fiddle, Twin Fiddle, Banjo, Autoharp, Mandolin, Bass Fiddle, Dulcimer, Guitar, Folk Song, Vocal Duet, Harmonica, Adult Dance, Youth Dance, Youth Band, Youth Fiddle, Youth Banjo, and Youth Guitar.
Poteat thanked the members of the 2nd District Fire Department Explorers Program for provided food during the two-day event.

1st Place: Ole Time Serenaders
2nd Place: Gap Civil
3rd Place: Slate Mountain Ramblers

1st Place: Adrian Shepherd-Powell
2nd Place: Emily Schaad
3rd Place: Asa Nelson

Twin Fiddle
1st Place: Joe McDuff and
Willow Dillon
2nd Place: Cody Bauer and
Deb Shebish
3rd Place: Chloe Pennington and Peyton Gentry

1st Place: Hanna Traynham
2nd Place: Trish Fore
3rd Place: Marsha Todd

1st Place: Steve Lewis
2nd Place: Wayne Dye
3rd Place: Brandon Graybeal

1st Place: Josh Bearman
2nd Place: Molly Yates
3rd Place: Wayne Dye

Bass Fiddle
1st Place: Sadie Yates
2nd Place: Stacy Boyd

1st Place: Penny Kilby
2nd Place: Art Lang
3rd Place: Vickie Boyd

Folk Song
1st Place: Elsa Howell
2nd Place: Nora Weatherby
3rd Place: Susan Pepper

Vocal Duet
1st Place: Molly Stouten and Alan Teichman
2nd Place: Matt Kinman and Kenneth Johnson
3rd Place: Molly Yates and
Sadie Yates

1st Place: Eddie Ogle
2nd Place: William Bird
3rd Place: Glen Zuhlke

Adult Flatfoot
1st Place: Michael Motley
2nd Place: Becky Boyd
3rd Place: Brett Morris

Youth Flatfoot
1st Place: Lindy Gladson
2nd Place: Hawk
3rd Place: Nora Shepherd-Powell

Youth Band
1st Place: The Thrown Togethers

Youth Folk Song
1st Place: McGuire Sisters

Youth Banjo
1st Place: Nicholas Wingo
2nd Place: Logan Thompson
3rd Place: Hazel Pasley

Youth Guitar
1st Place: Karlee Hamm
2nd Place: Nicholas Wingo
3rd Place: Hawk