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Altercation reignites dialog for immediate changes at NECX

By Tamas Mondovics

Thanks to the ongoing violence keeping guards, inmates, and general staff on edge at the Northeast Correctional Facility (NECX) in Mountain City, TN, the highly publicized rapid hiring event can’t come soon enough.
Just this week, the prison experienced its latest violent incident, during which an inmate was stabbed and taken to the hospital to be treated.
While the altercation on Monday ended with a lockdown of (Pod 11), which sources say, “Have been taken over by the inmates,” does not end the fear and worry for family members over the dangerous conditions at the facility. 
It is also just another grim reminder that something at NECX must change.
“Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) Spokesman Robert Reburn did not provide additional details in response to The Tomahawk inquiry about Monday’s stabbing.
“The incident is under investigation,” Reburn said, adding, “There is no danger to the public.”
When asked to give more information about the reported lockdown and the safety of the staff and inmates, Reburn did not reply back to The Tomahawk before its deadline on Tuesday afternoon.
Unfortunately, the promised changes and results are not coming fast enough for all parties involved. Violence and violent altercations such as stabbings are and seem to be a continuing theme at the facility, often resulting in injuries to officers.
The staffing issues at Northeast Correctional Complex have drawn the attention of State Representative Scotty Campbell, who is not happy with the ongoing situation.
In a phone interview with The Tomahawk, Campbell did not shy away from voicing his views.
“I would like to see a more bold and rapid action by TDOC to remedy the situation at the prison,” he said. “I have been in frequent communication with Gov. Lee, his senior staff, and the Department of Correction. I expressed my strong concerns that the Northeast Correctional Complex continues to operate under unsafe conditions. The Governor said he is proposing more funding to help, but I believe that we need to fix this now. If I were Governor right now, I would have National Guard assisting the facility.”
Campbell was also unhappy with the lack of results following a public meeting held last month that addressed the immediate need to get things in order at NECX.
“I have not seen any changes resulting from our meeting,” Campbell said.
The prison, located at 5249 HWY 67 West Mountain City, TN, has scheduled a rapid hiring event on November 30, 2021, from 10am to 2pm. 
According to Reburn, TDOC Resources representatives will schedule interviews on the spot, and qualified candidates will be offered conditional employment. 
Interested job seekers should bring their driver’s licenses, birth certificates, or social security cards, and proof of a high school diploma or equivalency. 
Starting salary for Correctional Officers is $32,500 with an automatic increase to $34,100 after successfully completing a yearlong probationary period. 
Correctional Officers are eligible for state benefits, including health, dental, vision, and paid leave and 401k plans. Newly hired Correctional Officers are also eligible for a $5,000 sign-on bonus. 
Sadly, it’s a bit too late
for many as the effort
comes amidst dangerous conditions for staff, inmates, and guards within the prison’s walls, gates, and barbed wire fence.