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Alliance Defense Fund to represent county in Ten Commandment suit

Johnson County commissioners held their regular meeting this past Thursday, January 20, 2011. The meeting was quickly underway as a motion to accept the budget amendments was passed.
Commissioner Grindstaff, a member of the Planning Committee, addressed the commissioners in regard to a resolution concerning subdivision regulations. According to Jerry Grindstaff, new roads that are built in subdivisions need to have additional work performed before they meet county standards. Each developer would need to follow specific procedures and be inspected by Road Superintendent Tony Jennings before further work can be performed. This would help insure that these roads meet county requirements and will be approved as county roads. The resolution was passed. Grindstaff also asked for a resolution concerning the subdivision of lots along a public road. After discussing this matter, the need for set standards was realized. Commissioner Rick Snyder made a motion to table this resolution until standards can be determined. Seconded by Commissioner Pleasant, the motion was passed.
Quarterly reports from the various county committees had previously been submitted. Representatives were on hand to answer any questions the commissioners may have had. Johnson County Trustee, Sue Hensley, reported property tax payments have been coming in at a slow rate this year, but the county is receiving payments.
Tony Jennings asked the commissioners to approve the new county list that he previously mailed to each of the commissioners. Most of the changes either involved spelling corrections or simple changes to the road names, such as Hickory Hill to Hickory Hill Lane. The motion to approve the new county road list was passed.