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ACU names Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey ‘Conservative in the Spotlight’

ron_ramsey.cmykThe American Conservative Union (ACU) has named the next “Conservative in the Spotlight,” a distinction awarded to an elected official who acts boldly to defend conservative principles. This month’s award is proudly presented to Tennessee’s Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.
“Lt. Governor Ramsey has played an instrumental role in not only enacting conservative legislation, but also ensuring that conservatives are elected into office,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “More than any other elected official in the country, Lt. Governor Ramsey is responsible for creating a conservative super majority in a legislative body. He is an example to his fellow legislators and for all citizens on how to defend conservative principles.”
Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey’s career is marked by a devotion to limited government, government transparency, and traditional values. Ramsey made history in 2007 when he became the first Republican Senator appointed as the Speaker of the State Senate in 140 years and, in Tennessee, the Senate Speaker is first in line to succeed the Governor and is given the title of Lt. Governor.
Ramsey’s 2015 ACU rating of 92% for his votes in the Senate reflect his consistent devotion to conservative principles. Once in office, Ramsey worked hard to pass legislation that embodies conservative values including unemployment reform, the elimination of Tennessee’s Hall income tax and the replacement of Common Core. Tennessee is now the least indebted state in the nation and boasts AAA ratings from all three credit ratings agencies. These tremendous fiscal accomplishments are a direct result of Ramsey’s leadership.
Dedicated to educating and electing the next generation of leaders, Ramsey led his party in 2014 to an extraordinary 28 to 5 supermajority in the Senate. Ramsey’s efforts were also critical to achieving Tennessee’s state house supermajority as well as the first Republican majority on the state’s Supreme Court. Ron Ramsey understands that government doesn’t create jobs and that economic growth can only come from the private sector.
He has won awards in the private sector for his career as an auctioneer, and has been recognized as a real estate broker from the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and the Tri Cities Business Journal. His decision to step down as Lt. Governor and not run for re-election to the Senate in 2016 reflects conservative values, and a personal belief in self-imposed term limits. Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey will leave a record that he can be proud of and ACU is proud to name him our next “Conservative in the Spotlight.”