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911 address changes coming soon to many county residents

Eugene Campbell, Director of Johnson County E-911has provided the following list of roads in Mountain City and Johnson County that will have at least one change in address. After a review by area post offices for accuracy, change of address letters will go out to the affected residents.

Adams Ln. – Allen Snyder Rd. – Antioch Rd – Atwood St. – Baker St. (entire road) – Big Dry Run Rd. – Blant Rd. – Boone Ridge – Brown Place (entire road) – Brown Rd (entire road) – Buntontown Rd (entire road) – Buttermilk Rd. – Campbell Hollow Ln. (entire road) – Carpenter Ln. – Carr St. (entire road) A section of this street has been renamed to Volunteer Dr. – Cedar St. (entire road) – Chestnut Dr. (entire road) – Circle Dr. (entire road) – Circle View Dr. (entire road) – Clarence Potter Rd. – Claude Johnson Ln. – Cobb Creek (entire road) – Cold Springs Rd. – Columbia St. (entire road) – Conville Ln. – Copley Branch Rd. (entire road) – Copperhead Hollow Rd. – Cowantown Rd. (entire road) – Crackersneck Rd. – Crestwood Dr. (entire road) – Cross Mountain Rd. – Crossroads Dr. (entire road) – Dark Hollow Rd. – Davis Ln. – Deer Creek Crossing – Deer Run Rd. – Depot St. The section of this street that is off of Stout Rd. has been renamed to Mayberry Ln. The section that goes straight at the corner of what was Depot St. and Margaret St. is now Mockingbird Ln. – Dogwood Ave. (entire road) – Dotson Rd. – Dry Hill Rd. – Dry Stone Branch Rd. – Dugger Hollow Rd. (entire road) – Earl May Ln. – East Hillcrest – East Main St. – Eastridge Rd. – Eldridge Ln. – Fairhaven St. (entire road) – Fairview Ave. (entire road) – Fletcher Ln. – Forest Wood Ln. (entire road) – Forge Creek Rd. – Forge Rd. – Fox Hollow Rd. – Fred Price Rd – Furnance St. (entire road) – Gentry Creek Rd. – Georgia St. – Glenn Dr. (entire road) – Glenn Rash Rd. (entire road) – Graybeal Ave. (entire road) – Greer Branch Rd. – Greer Rd. – Greggs Branch Rd. (entire road) – Grover Reece Rd. – H Proffitt Ln. (entire road) – Hamby Ln. – Hampton St. (entire road) – Hawkins Rd. – Henry Stout Branch Rd. (entire road) – Hickory St. (entire road is now Hemlock St.) – Highland Acres (entire road) – Hill St. – Hillmore Dr. (entire road) – Hopper Rd. – Horn St. (entire road) – Hospital Hill Rd. – Hubert Taylor Rd. – Hummingbird Ln. (entire road) – Hwy 321 – Hwy 421S – Hwy 67N – Hwy 67W – Ivy St. (entire road) entire road is now Cedar St. – Ivy Wood (entire road) – Jenkins Hollow Rd. – Jimmy Hollow Rd. (entire road) – Joe Wallace Rd – Jordan Ln. – June Apple Ln. – Lakeview Dr. – Laurel Rd. -Laurelwood – Lefler St. (entire road) – Lily Ln. – Little Dry Run Rd. – Lodge St. (entire road) – Lowell Stalcup (entire road) – Madron Ln. – Main Rd. – Maple St. – Margaret St. (entire road is now Depot St.)- McEwen Bridge Ln. (entire road)- McEwen Rd. – Meadowview Church Rd. (entire road) – Michael Rd. – Mill Creek Rd. – Millard Cooper Ln. – Miller Ln. – Mink Hills Rd. – Modock Rd. – Moreland Dr. – Mortez Rd. – Mulberry St. (entire road) a section of this street is now Elm St.- Navy Ln. (entire road) – Noah Snyder Rd. – Norris Rd. – North Church St. – Old Butler Rd. – Old Hwy 67 (entire road) – Old Mill Pvt Ln. (entire road) – Old Stage Rd. (entire road) – Orchard Rd. – Pedro Shoun Ln. – Pine St. – Pinecrest St. – Pond St. (entire road) – Poplar St. (entire road) – Ragan Rd. – Rainbow Rd. – RD Campbell Rd. – Red Brush Rd. – Rhea Rd. Part of this road has been renamed to Buckshot Ln. – Rine St. (entire road) – Roane St. (entire road) – Robert Lefler Ln. – Rock Cliff Ave. (entire road) – Rocky Knob Rd. – Sam Johnson Ln. – Sandy Rd. – Shady Mountain Ln. (entire road) – Sink Valley Rd. – Slabtown Rd. – Smith Dugger Rd. (entire road) – Snyder Mill Rd. (entire road) – Spruce St. (entire road) entire road is now Cedar St. – Stage Rd. – Stout Rd. (entire road) – Sugar Creek Rd. – Sunset Dr. a section of this street has been renamed to Tennessee Dr. – T Greer Rd. – Tanglewood – Timothy Branch Rd. (entire road) – Tom Phillippi Rd. – Trivette Rd. – Valley St. (entire road is now Shoun St.) – Valley View St. (entire road is now Shoun St.) – Volna Osborne Ln. – Wallace Rd. – Walnut St. (entire road) – Wamloty Ln. (entire road) – Willens Gap Rd. – Wilson Ave. (entire road) – Wood Hill Rd. – Woodland Dr.

All new road changes were approved by the Town of Mountain City or Johnson County prior to the change. If you have any questions or do not receive a letter and have reason to believe that you should have, please call 727-7669. Remember your address number should be posted with at least three to four inch numbers, visible from 150' away, visible at night, free of all plant growth and in a contrasting color to the residence. For a reflective address sign call and check with your local fire dept. or visit
Tenn. Code Ann. § 7-86-127 street names and numbers states, (c) “Any county or city, including districts with delegated authority, may establish and impose reasonable fees and enforce policies relating to the changing of names of roads and streets, and may establish and enforce policies for the assignment and posting requirements of property numbers.” This code has not been adopted as of 11-28-2011 for Johnson County or The Town of Mountain City. Other states and counties that have adopted this have fined residents $50 to $500 for failure to comply. There are several residences in Johnson County that required searching for one to two minutes to find the address they have posted. In some case, it was never located.
Mountain City, Butler, Trade, and Shady Valley post masters and workers have been a great help with this project, especially with the addresses that were not marked. Eugene Campbell expresses his appreciation to each person that has helped make this transition easier.