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82-year-old man still missing in Laurel Bloomery

The search continues for 82-year-old Harry Rosenberg. Rosenberg was reported missing in the late afternoon on Sunday, January 13, when he did not return home from his evening walk.
Rosenberg was last seen entering the Cherokee National Forest by way of the access road at the end of Gentry Creek Road. He is described as a mostly balding Caucasian man that stands at 5’ 8” and weighs approximately 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a baseball cap and a light jacket.
Sheriff Mike Reece issued a statement saying, “all resources are currently being exhausted” in reference to the search effort. On Sunday (January 13), MedFlight was enlisted to search the dense Cherokee National Forest with the use of infrared technology. The helicopter made several passes of the area but was unable to detect any sign of Rosenberg. Crews utilizing all terrain vehicles as well as searching on foot continue to comb the area Rosenberg was last seen. Another helicopter crew out of Johnson City has offered to aid in the search effort, however due to inclement weather, that particular effort is on hold.
If you have any information about this case you are asked to call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department at (423) 727-7761.