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4th Annual Dog Vaccination Day posts huge success

Making sure that their furry friends’ health are up to par, area residents flocked to the 4th Annual Dog Vaccination Day,  also known as free immunization shot day clinic hosted by Johnson County Humane Society Inc. (JCHSI) The event was  a huge success drawing a large crowd to Ralph Stout Park earlier this month.   Submitted photo

By Tamas Mondovics

Perhaps becoming one of the most anticipated events in the region, the annual dog vaccination day has once again proven its value, importance, and permanence. Judging by the numbers and the long line of cars waiting for a turn left little doubt about the event’s success.Held on Saturday, May, 16, the Johnson County Humane Society Inc., (JCHSI) 4th Annual Dog Vaccination Day also known as free immunization shot day clinic for county dogs at Ralph Stout Park in Mountain City, saw more than 265 dogs, which gives a fine testimony of love and care local residents have for their K9 companions. The animals were immunized for rabies and or 5-way disease prevention by veterinarian Dr. Sara Anderson.

“This year, due to the virus situation, no crowds of people were allowed to gather,” said JCHSI Chairman, and Board of Directors Dick Dionne. “Instead, the clinic was held by means of an auto drive-through process.”

Dionne explained that dog owners filled out registration forms in their vehicles and when they reached the veterinarian table area, they “turned their dogs over to Humane Society handlers who took the dogs to the vet and returned the animal and verification records to the owner.”

All involved were reportedly pleased with the setup, which somewhat slowed the shot process but was safe and orderly.

“County residents who participated were understanding and very cooperative,” Dionne said.

Some 20 society members and volunteers, along with Mountain City’s Animal Control Officer Mandy Neylon, took part in the vaccination process. On its website, JCHSI emphasized that the organization offers financial assistance to citizens in Johnson County to spay / neuter their cat or dog and accepts donations toward SNIP (Spay Neuter Incentive Program), which is the Society’s own donation funded spay/neuter program.

JCHS also offers an active microchipping program “using the nationally recognized Home Again microchip produced by Merck Animal Health. Chipping is a permanent ID that makes it more likely a found pet will be returned to its owner.”

The Humane Society is not a law enforcement agency but is affiliated with or subsidized by any government agency, and it strongly supports the existing Mountain City Animal Control Agency (423-727-7880) and is actively involved in bringing humane animal control to the county.For animal control issues, residents may contact the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department and the County Commissioner.

“The society is grateful to city officials who supported the clinic, the Captain Jim’s Seafood Restaurant who provided lunches for the volunteers, and the Hux-Lipford Funeral Home for providing a sheltered area,” Dionne said.

Thanks to the apparent success, event organizers are confidently looking forward to serving the community in the coming years. For more information, please visit the Johnson County Humane Society’s website.