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My piece of the world: Life’s oddities

By Jinifer Rae

“Have you ever noticed that dirty dishes never wash themselves?”  A very good friend of mine posed that question to me this week.  “Not only do they not wash themselves, if left in the sink alone, they also make babies,” was my reply to her. Those words had my friend laughing out loud. While giggling like a schoolgirl, she said, “That’s so true. There’s always more dishes in the sink when you walk back into the kitchen.”

Although obviously spoken in jest, and not for serious consideration, but honestly, those comments made me ponder life’s oddities. Several things in my daily life have a way of reproducing, seemingly without any effort. As previously mentioned, two dishes left in an otherwise empty sink becomes a sink full of dirty dishes. However, the reproduction phenomenon does not just apply to dirty dishes. I have noticed dirty laundry also has a unique way of accumulating. I can wash laundry every day, and yet the hamper never seems to be empty.

Another example is bills. In my entire adult life, I have never run out of bills; there always seems to be plenty of those to go around. Years ago, on television, I heard someone say, “Put them back in the mailbox.” For the record, I have tried that, and it is not an effective way to eliminate debt. I have learned that bills left in the mailbox, also will reproduce. If you have a hard time believing me, just try it sometime. Leave one of your bills in the mailbox, and amazingly in just a few days, guaranteed there will be more bills in that very same mailbox.

Now the reproduction phenomenon does not apply to everything in my life.  Take money for example—for some odd reason I have yet to figure out—money left lying around, not only does not make more money…it disappears. I wonder why that is?  Well, I cannot waste much more time sitting here wondering about life’s little oddities when I have chores that need to be done. Today is laundry day, and there are dishes in the sink that need attention. Since they won’t wash themselves, I better get cleaning them, before they have babies.