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My piece of the world: God is rearranging His furniture

By Jinifer Rae

That is how I described thunderstorms to my children when they were small. If the booming and crashing sounds made during a heavy storm can be scary for adults, just imagine how terrifying a severe storm can be for children.  I recently had the memory of those words during a rainstorm here in my new home. Even though my babies are grown, storms can still be a frightening event. My son and I watched through the window as the wind blew the trees so hard and fast that it almost looked like they might bend in half. In fact, that actually did happen. While visiting friends and neighbors, I noticed quite a bit of destruction in the storm’s wake. My heart almost broke when I learned that some of the mutilation done was beyond repair. One friend had several mature trees snap in half. The damaged trees would now have to be uprooted and removed.

Sadly, the bent trees may not have the resources to repair themselves. However, I learned that some plants do have the ability to stand up straight after the rain stops.
The corn, for example, growing in my neighbor’s garden was pushed so far down by the heavy rain and wind that I wondered if the crop was ruined. The thought of the storm squishing that beautiful garden made me feel sad because up to that point it looked magnificent. Not one day passes that I don’t look upon that garden and contemplated how beautiful it is.

When asked if the corn was ruined, my neighbor replied with a “Nah, a little bit of sunshine, they will stand straight back up again.” Apparently, corn has multiple flanges of roots that shoot out to anchor the stalk from being windblown. Sure enough, a couple of days later, my neighbor’s corn looked as tall and possibly even standing straighter than before the rain.

To sum things up, the scenery of my daily walk indeed took on a much different appearance after the storm. From the corn bowing down
low to the ground, or the branches that were strewn from one end of the street to the other, there was nothing the wind did not touch and reshape.
As I ponder the changes, both big and small, I can’t help but think that God really did rearrange the furniture.