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My piece of the world

By Jinifer Rae

My neighbor gave me a swing. This may sound like a simple thing, but to me, it was a wonderful gift. Some of the best gifts are bestowed out of need, and my swing was no exception. Upon arriving at my new home in Mountain City, I quickly discovered none of my outdoor furniture made it on the moving truck. This was almost a crisis. I love being outdoors, even if I only have ten minutes to sit on the porch, I find those few minutes can revitalize me. But if I thought being outdoors was special before I moved here, I had a lot to learn. The town of Mountain City is a treasure trove of wonderful things to experience and see.

The views from my former home’s porch had nothing in comparison to the beauty of God’s country found in Tennessee. In the past, I would sit on my porch and watch people walk their dogs, or see children playing in the park. Occasionally I would smell the fresh cut grass as a neighbor manicured their yard. Never to be taken for granted, it was always a joy to behold the beauty of the neighborhood. However, my new home had an unexpected surprise in store.

A beautiful brook runs the entire length of my backyard. The water that surges over the pebbles and rocks makes the most peaceful sound. Bella, my husband’s dog, and I walk down to the edge of the water and enjoy this special spot. Up until I received my swing, I sat on a bump of a log. While not the most comfortable of seating arrangements, sitting on that hard piece of wood was my absolute favorite place to be. Anyone who has come to see our home has been given a three-second tour of the house, and then I drag them outside to show off the water. After compelling them to plop down on that log, I ask them to listen, just listen, to the birds and the water. Nature makes her own music with that babbling brook, and the stress just melts away while listening and swinging. The brook combined with the birds singing is the most soothing, relaxing sound I have ever heard. I decided that this special area of the yard would be the perfect spot for my swing.