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Wintroub says last week's letter from Road Superintendent doesn't cut it

Dear Editor:

I have a suggestion for Road Superintendent Darrell Reece, government agents in general, and customer service representatives. Reece, in The Tomahawk of 02/25/15, apologized for his department’s delays in maintaining the county roads during the previous week’s “inclement
weather”. He explained that mechanical “issues” with trucks caused the delays.
My suggestion — request, really — is that people quit apologizing for their or their organizations’ failures. Instead, I’d like them to spell out what they’re doing to prevent recurrences of those failures and, when appropriate, to spell out what they’re doing to rectify the results of those failures.
Mountain Electric apologizes for power outages. CenturyLink apologizes for not informing customers that a monthly fee applies to a change being made. Dish apologizes. Veterans Affairs apologizes. NBC news apologizes.
They all remind me of an employee in my department long ago. She was constantly screwing up and constantly apologizing. I kept explaining to her that apologizing does NOT make it okay to do it again.
I, for one, don’t care about your apology. I want to know what you’ve done to fix the problem and what preventive action(s) you’ve taken so it doesn’t happen again.

Terry Wintroub
Mountain City