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Wintroub says athletes are not entitled to be exempt from taxes

Dear Editor:
Below is an email I sent to Senators Corker and Alexander and Representative Roe. It was motivated by this Johnson City Press Article “Congress moves to block ‘victory tax’ on Olympic athletes”
The text of the two bills cited appears at and
Text of my email:
I am appalled by the Senate’s and House’s passage of S2650 and HR5946!
Income is income and is supposed to be taxed. Athletes are no more entitled to be exempt from paying taxes on their earnings than anybody else is. Olympic/Paralympic participants don’t work any harder than miners, soldiers, teachers, linemen. They don’t “pay a penalty for their success”; they pay a tax on their income. They are not taxed “for representing the U.S. and reaching the top of their sports”; they are taxed on their income.
Soldiers, trade representatives, and ambassadors represent the U.S. Their income is taxed.
Please do all in your power to kill this bill and end its unfair intended discrimination in favor of income-earning athletes.

Terry Wintroub
Mountain City, TN