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Wherefore art thou, President Obama?

Millions of Americans are not looking for a job any more. They have no unemployment benefits left, either discouraged or early retirement as their only option has left fewer people working than back in 1980!
Would anyone hazard a guess as to what the actual unemployment is in our country? Thirty-eight of our seniors age 65 or over are unemployed! Twenty-four percent of black men age 18-24 are jobless.
Now hear this! The Bureau of Labor counts a person part of the labor force if they have a job or have looked for one in the last four weeks!
Why did Obama go to Canada to buy two (two million each) buses for he and his staff to tour Texas? Remember there is a Detroit, Mr. President!
In fact, why did Obama give China the contract to rebuild our bridges and infrastructure?
Listen, America, to Karzai laughing about getting all of his billions over the next 10 years from our president! Why not share this horrible agreement with us, Mr. President? Why blackmail us to eventually leave when our country has already sacrificed so much?
We are now in the throes of big time inflation. Our dollar keeps losing value and groceries keep going higher. Gas prices so high that travel and vacations are prohibitive.
Just where and what is our energy program? Don’t we have about 35,000 people now employed to solve this problem?
I am afraid to look forward to four more years of your administration when I review the past three! Only goodbye.

Ed Cook