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Volleyball mother says Koenig should not judge

Dear Editor:

This is to address the letter in the Tomahawk that Jim Koenig wrote on October 10, 2012, concerning the Johnson County High School girl’s volleyball team. As a parent of a daughter who plays volleyball, I am not only disgusted but appalled by his letter. Mr. Koenig….you compared our children to “Las Vegas Prostitutes”, stating they wore the same kind of clothing as harlots. When is the last time you saw a harlot or prostitute play volleyball? That comparison is absurd! Our girls are out there to play the sport and represent their school – nothing else. You ask “What have we become?” The question should be “What have you become?” Why would any grown adult man say such hurtful things to young ladies who are just trying to do well in school, play a sport and represent themselves in a respectful manor….something you obviously know nothing about! I find it highly disturbing that a grown man such as yourself would even be looking at these young ladies in such a way as you describe in the paper. These are children. How Christ like is it that you were not only mean and hurtful but very judgmental to these ladies and their parents? I dare say you do not know one girl who plays on that team. You have no idea of their character, their heart and their willingness to represent their school. They maintain excellent grades and work hard to do so while representing JCHS. I agree times have changed Mr. Koenig and our girls no longer wear culottes but the simple fact is that these are young ladies who do not deserve to be compared to prostitutes, harlots, heathens or anything else disrespectful. I will take a stand for God, my daughter and every other young lady who plays volleyball.
I’ll leave you with one bible verse……………Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. (KJV)

Cindy Rupard-Cretsinger
Proud Mother of JCHS Volleyball Player