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Vaiden is in support of Melissa Holloway

Dear Editor:
The election insert in The Tomahawk, Wednesday May 14 greatly assisted my understanding of our government by posting the job descriptions of who legally can do what, especially regarding the Clerk of the Circuit Court position. There is no wiggle room nor any margin for error. The work demands that this office follow the strictest legal definitions.
This as to the clerk’s responsibility, to maintain accurate records of court proceedings, fines, and court costs, and document storage for three different courts. I do not want the job, as those who come in to pay their fines monthly can ill afford it. I just could not handle that. But the law is the law.
The attempt to continue using the old computer system in this clerk’s office, which was slow, the software outdated, and disc memory space storage totally maxed out, it being fed more information than it could handle. The situation a year ago, it is now proven, that the records of the guilty and innocent were in jeopardy, at serious risk, as to the computer’s ability to maintain integrity of the records.
That office is a maelstrom of activity. As I, in the last eight years have had to visit to pay monthly for a fine that I incurred on myself, and paid on for 2 1/2 years, not once did I see any employees having a coffee break. What I saw were people talking to others standing next to them, and being on the phone at the same time. I wish I had the ability to do that, and I do not.
Carol Hawkins is still on her watch until the end of the year. Carol had been approached by her incredibly loyal employees regarding the handwriting on the wall that the present computer system was about beaten to death. Carol, as well as her employees, were inundated with work. She is totally aware of every single transaction that takes place in that office and so is Melissa Holloway. To be aware of a serious situation, and attempting to find the time to do it, is like trying to brush your teeth without toothpaste.
Who could have taken their own personal time, to research a new computer network, with the proper, up to date, and continuously updated software?
Melissa Holloway, Carolyn Hawkins’ “right hand man” type employee, took it upon herself to find an efficient, work proven and affordable new computer system. She did the hard work! She took on a challenge, stepped up to the plate, and hit a grand slam!
What I believe motivated her to sacrifice her personal time for the sake of her employees and the citizens of Johnson County is that she knew she would sow and reap a more controlled, efficient, yes redundant, processing tool.
She went beyond her call to duty as to what her present job description entails. Now we have an accurate accounting of who needs to pay out a court sentence, and what cases can finally be removed from the docket. To be, or not to be, updated.
Is there anyone else in our county government who could have accomplished this? Was Melissa Holloway rewarded monetarily? Was she attempting to hide certain records? Was she doing her job, one that she is being paid to do, not one she took personal responsibility for?

The most important question is this. Did she, at the time when it was necessary and overdue, do this, have any selfish motive? Was she seeking some personal accolades, or special recognition? To the best of my knowledge, the man or woman walking down Main Street had no clue that this was going on.
In this age of rapidly evolving information gathering, can the county afford to pay for a labor intensive “paper records” search? The reality is if Ms. Remis gets her wish to have this done, by the time this chore could be accomplished, the results will already be out of date. Ms. Remis suggestion, I am sure from a heart full of curiosity and goodwill, simply cannot be accomplished.
I do not know Ms. Holloway as more than just an acquaintance that I say hello to. Yet, I will give credit where credit is due!
To complain that her forced absence from a meeting could in any way, shape or form be likened to an “IRS” cover up, is this the way to show appreciation? A wonderful human being was feeling poorly and did not attend this single meeting? Her concern, in my opinion which is always open to scrutiny by those who deserve an explanation including those who do not, was this. As a parent, she did not want others to catch any illness because she would then act without concern for others’ health and well-being. That would be the case if she attended the meeting anyway.
A meeting where the new computer system will simply reveal “it is, what it is.”
We have a county election coming up, and of every candidate running for office, Ms. Holloway put her cards on the table. Her hand was not in any way played to win an elected position. She simply is a giver, not a taker. She is a profoundly Christian woman and compassionate person, as is her mentor, Carol Hawkins. All she expects from us is a day’s pay for a day’s work.
So, again, I ask all of us, how can we reward Melissa Holloway for her unselfish devotion in completing a monumental task? To make our Clerk of the Circuit Court be one of the best I have ever seen and experienced in three different states.
Well, like I said, there is an election coming up.

Buddy Vaiden
Mountain City, TN