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“Tough decisions have to be made by all.”

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my thoughts and opinion on the upcoming election.
Ask the candidates how they voted previously.
Most commissioners voted against Sunday beer sales but quickly supported raising the wheel tax and property tax to increase revenue.
Vote to raise the sales tax-everyone needs to share the burden; the reduction of taxes on groceries sounded good but meant fewer dollars in our budget.
The school board also needs to tighten their belt. Ask them how they can justify keeping Shady Valley Elementary School open, or adding air-conditioning; they cannot do it by dollars and cents.
Tough decisions have to be made by all. Fewer commissioners with better qualifications and accountability are a start.
How about more coverage on who and how they voted on an issue, or better yet, broadcast it on the radio or on the internet as other counties do.
Thank you for listening and allow sharing my thoughts.

John Robinson