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The Johnson County Library needs a new wing

The Johnson County Library needs a new wing. Hang out at the Library for a while and you will recognize the need for more space. We are filled with materials, stacks, and computers, leaving little space for people to sit and use library materials.
Our services and the number of patrons are growing. In addition to lending books and digital media we have activities such as children’s reading programs, classes on using computers, the arts, sewing, and quilting. Civic clubs routinely hold regular meetings here. Parents and teachers bring children to explore our collection of children’s books and crafts. Our genealogy materials are well used by county residents and out-of-town visitors. People come daily to read the news and use the internet. Our ten computer terminals are often fully booked. Our Wi-Fi service makes the Internet available to people who bring their own computer. Sometimes we see Internet users sitting in their cars for lack of a comfortable space to sit and work inside. Daily, people come to use our copying and fax services.
People come for help on paper work. Our staff helps people use the Internet to search for employment, write resumes, file job applications as well copy applications. Patrons come to prepare tax forms, court documents, or unemployment claims.
Our Reading programs for children are well attended. Authors of children’s books come to present programs and encourage reading. We annually sponsor Mr. Bond the Science Guy, a science demonstration program for children and parents. The library hosts the Imagination Library annual fund-raising caravel every fall. Area authors hold book signings.
The staff helps patrons select materials to match their interests. This is especially important to people with limited mobility. A typical request is “pick out a book for me, you know what I like, not too many dirty words. The Library staff welcomes children and pays special attention to their needs. A child’s request, “I want a book about worms.” gets immediate attention.
We have an attractive and functional design for a new wing. Last fall we received six bids ranging from $326,000 down to $278,000. At the time we had $230,000, so we could not start the work. We have continued our fund raising efforts and we now have about $246,000. We need to raise at least another $35,000 to enable us to complete and furnish the new wing.
We still have about 40 memorial bricks for sale at one hundred dollars each and are seeking donations. Hopefully we will be able to start building in the spring. All contributions will be helpful. If readers wish to donate make checks payable to the Johnson County Library Building Fund. The address is Johnson County Library, P.O. Box 107, Mountain City, TN 37683. If you have questions please call the Librarian, Linda Icenhour at 423-727-6544.

Thank you for your attention,
Lloyd Taylor
Corresponding Secretary