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Thanks to all who helped close Cloud 9 Emporium

Yeah! It’s over!
I want to thank everyone who played a role in anyway in the closing of “Cloud 9 Emporium.” You should all feel very, very proud of yourselves. To those of you who stood by and did nothing, “shame on you.” This situation should open your eyes to what is possible when a community stands up to right a wrong. What we do does not have to be obvious. Write a letter to your legislature, inform your friends and neighbors, instruct your children to the dangers surrounding them. Just do something! To do nothing simply condones the wrong.
I want to especially thank our Sheriff Mike Reece. His diligence and perseverance certainly paid off. We may not always know what our law enforcement is doing behind the scenes, but we have to be grateful that they always have our backs.
Thank you, Mountain City.

Barbara Freyermuth