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Thanks given to Cranberry Festival volunteers

Dear Editor:

The 21st annual Cranberry Festival here at the “Rock School” in Shady Valley, Tennessee was another successful experience for locals and many out of the area visitors. Another full house, truly the largest gathering ever, took part in the bean supper and the school’s auction on Friday night. With near perfect weather there were many vendors and lots of offerings in the food court along with music all day Saturday for event participants. The festival was attended very well and everyone received another outstanding example of what a community festival is all about.
On behalf of the school, its students and staff I want to thank the local and area businesses, financial institutions, artists and crafters, individuals, and civic organizations for their continued support and donations. The Cranberry Committee is to be commended for its effort and energy in making the festival happen. This committee operates in obscurity while meeting each month planning and preparing for this event and working long hard hours throughout the weekend to insure a successful conclusion. A big thank you to the committee members from me personally and from the school’s community.

No event can happen, let alone be successful, without dozens of other helpers and volunteers. As always the community stepped forward with their time and skills. For the school and the students of the valley I what them to know they are also recognized and commended for their dedication and effort.
This event has gone on successfully for 21 years with the same objective, to provide a focused fund raising opportunity for the school and to generate monies for a college scholarship which the Cranberry Committee awards annually. This festival has been and continues to be for the school and the students of this valley. Much has been provided to and for the students and with the single fund raiser concept students do not have to take part in other fund raising activities like students in other schools and for this I am personally thankful. The school looks forward to next year when the friends and family of the “Rock School” come together again in celebration; next year will mark the 75th year of continuous operation, plan to be a part of it.

E. Richard Price