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Sweet says Doe Mountain should be open to everyone

Dear Editor:

In September the Doe Mountain Recreation Association announced their purchase of 8,600 acres for a new recreation park in Johnson County, turning the majority of trail riders away based on their rules which allow only OHV’s and quads. These rules have eliminated trails which have been used by Jeeps, Buggies, Truggies and Crawlers in the past. By shutting the door on these classes as well as others, trail riders have had to to find other places to enjoy their hobby. Well no suprise here, in the January 30th edition of our local paper there is a posting that “Doe Mountain is closed” as well as a rather lengthy letter from a local farmer complaining about the truck that had played in his fields, doing what he had previously been able to do on Doe Mountain. I do not condone these actions , and apologise to the farmer for his loss on behaf of all law abiding trail riders. These actions are not only illegal, but disrespectful to the families that maintain those properties.
 Listed in Tenn. Code Ann. § 11-25-104  (2012) sub section 1, “Adventure tourism activities” means outdoor recreational opportunities such as equine and motorized trail riding, rappelling, road biking, rock climbing, hang gliding, spelunking, shooting sports, mountain biking, canoeing, paragliding, zip lining and other such activities. Where the law allows “motorized trail riding” the Doe Mountain Recreation Association has restricted it to only “off highway vehicle (OHV) classification. Many off highway vehicles (OHV’s) can be registered and plated for on road use, yet they maintain their off highway classification (OHV). My jeep is considered to be an off road vehicle, yet it is my daily driver to work as well. We as trail riders are not asking for much, just access to the same benefits as those who can afford expensive OHV’s.

Once again, thank you for your time,
Brian Sweet and every other person in the pursuit of happiness