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Student advocates legalized marijuana

Dear Editor:

I am currently enrolled as a student at ETSU, and I’m taking a course in History section U.S. to 1877. In effort to receive extra credit in my U.S. History class, I am writing to you with hopes you will publish my letter. I would like to bring to your attention the marijuana issue. I am fully aware that ETSU is a drug free campus, and in no way trying to promote that I smoke marijuana. I want to share with the students and faculty at ETSU how marijuana could possibly save this country from the debt that we have gotten ourselves into.
In my history class we are studying George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, pilgrims, slaves, cotton, etc. Now did you know that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson actually grew marijuana on their plantations? Not only was marijuana grown on their plantations, Jefferson and Washington both used the stalk of the plant to produce hemp, which they used to make rope, clothing, and paper. Washington actually used the hemp to make his slaves’ clothing. Did you also know that hemp was used to make the parachute that help save George Bush, Sr.’s life when his bomber was shot down over the Pacific in 1944 and was made out of 100% American hemp? 125 years ago nearly all rope, canvas, clothes, paper, ship sails, and etc. was made from hemp. Here is another fun fact about history and marijuana, did you know that marijuana is safer to grow than cotton? Cotton is a soil-damaging crop that needs large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. Did you know that one acre of hemp will produce as much as two to three acres of cotton, plus hemp is four times warmer than cotton, four times water absorbent than cotton, and three times stronger than cotton?
Hemp/marijuana is also used for medical purposes like, cancer, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy, a condition I have struggled with since I was five years old. Even though marijuana isn’t legal to grow in the United States and the government has proof that it can help us in many ways, legally we can’t grow it. Me and three million other people that suffer from epilepsy and that’s not including the other disorders that marijuana is able to provide relief for, are forced to take prescription drugs given to use by our government that do more harm than good. It is a very sad that Americans are being harmed by medicines that are made synthetically in laboratories that are supposed to help them, when marijuana can be grown anywhere and it’s safe and natural.
I would like this letter that I have written to you today to be published not because I am a pothead, but to bring awareness about the medicinal and manufacturing qualities of marijuana. I would like it to get published for the simple fact that the American people or just the few that reads this newspaper will understand the power of natural drugs and what it can do for American society.


Lynsey A. Pickett
Freshman at ETSU – Nursing Major