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Spreyne takes issue with poll

Dear Editor:

This letter is in reply to the on line poll of August 27, 2014.
First, I believe that media coverage, including polls, should be unbiased and fully informed of the circumstances they print. In this occasion relative to the shooting of Michael Brown I am unaware of the facts in the case other than what news media has put forth, generally without determining proof of facts.
May I suggest reading a book entitled Stolen Valor, authored by Burkett Whitley. The book itself deals mainly with Viet Nam veterans and Viet Nam era veterans and their encounters or imagined encounters with the war. Noted journalists, as Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, as well as John Kerry (our present Secretary of State) have mislead viewers and readers alike in reporting on unsubstantiated statements and/or events to present a sensationalized view of events by individuals. Even Senator Joseph McCarthy told stories reference his being wounded in World War II yet was an intelligence officer and never was wounded but rather fell down a ladder and broke his leg while drunk.
The opinion poll failed to present any criteria in the realm of what is police brutality to substantiate the poll. The media, as written in Stolen Valor, has a tendency to “report” what they see as the truth without supporting documentation to elicit comments, whether a column or a poll. To misalign law enforcement officers without researching the “facts” presents a misrepresentation of the law enforcement community, as well as law abiding citizens.
Responsible reporting, whether conducting an interview for a story and conducting a poll should be utmost in the individuals mind.

G.A. Spreyne