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Spreyne responds to Phillip’s letter

Dear Editor,
In response to Mr. Phillips reference to “forcing people to work on Sunday is an attack on Christianity,” I offer the following for Mr. Phillips.

Individuals required to work on Sundays are all branches of the military, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service (guarding our present and past presidents) and locally, our law enforcement departments, fire/emergency medical services, hospitals staff, to name a few.  I doubt that any of these individuals required to work on Sunday, not forced, are any less a Christian than Mr. Phillips.   Even in the food industry, people are required to keep food stores open.
Are individuals that do not attend, or do not attend every Sunday church service any less a Christian than Mr. Phillips states?
I am sure most people would prefer to be off on Sunday as God set aside a day of rest after six days of labor.  However, that is not the case as without security, emergency services and a myriad of other services we would only open ourselves to court detrimental effects upon ourselves and the communities we reside.
I am sure many individuals are happy to merely have a job, no mater what days they work.

George Spreyne