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Sourdough bread spreads the word

Several years ago a recipe for Sourdough bread came to me from my friend Ruby that lives over in Shady Valley. Little did she know that her sourdough bread would help send “The Good News” around the world. My twelve year old granddaughter and I started a sourdough bread project for the Christmas missions offering and it has surely grown from last year. We have sold nearly 60 loaves of bread, with all proceeds going to the Christmas offering. As we mixed and kneaded the dough, we prayed that one soul would be added to the Kingdom for each loaf of bread. I count it a special privilege and honor to have done this project with my granddaughter, Autumn, and in some small way, teach her the importance of missions.
With Christmas just a few days ago we are still thinking of the Christmas offering as we wrap up the bread project for this year. “All of us aren’t called to be missionaries, but we can all help to support the ones that are.” The present offering for foreign missions, sponsored by the Women’s Mission Union of the Southern Baptist Convention, is named for Lottie Moon. She was a foreign missionary to China beginning in 1873. Death came to her on Christmas eve in 1912, while on her way back home to America. This year is the 100th anniversary of her “home going.”
Little did my friend Ruby know that her recipe would have a world wide influence for Him. There’s another project opportunity coming soon, the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. May He speak to someone’s heart, “will you take the challenge?”

Dora Cable
Shady Valley Baptist Church