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Son of slain woman speaks out

Dear Editor:
Your front page article on 7 June 2017 concerning the murder of my mother, Teruko Shaw, prompts me to write you a note.

The murderer did not know my mother! He trespassed on private property while panhandling and my mother caught him stealing and for that she was brutally and painfully murdered. This murderer showed disregard for his heinous crime by re-entering the house and stealing from my mother after she was already dead and never showed any remorse throughout any of the court hearings.
The murderer was from a transient family whose father and step-mother had been charged with crimes in Carter County before moving into a rental trailer a mile down the road from my mother’s house. Please be careful if you own rental property and know who you allow into our neighborhoods. It is evident this murderer and his parents do not have any of the values that I grew up with in this county. Needless to say, those values of honesty, kindness and doing what’s right are still held in high esteem by a majority of citizens within Johnson County. What happened on 6 Dec 2015 was a truly senseless crime and tragedy that will forever deprive our family of a loving and caring mother and grandmother.

The family of Teruko Shaw would like to thank Sheriff Mike Reece, Investigator Shawn “Bit” Brown and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department for their over 1½ year investigation and continual pursuit to bring this murderer to justice. The work of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation with Special Agents Frank McCauley and Keith Proctor was instrumental in procuring evidence required for prosecution. The continued vigil of Attorney General Tony Clark and Assistant District Attorneys Matthew Roark and Kelly Lowe provided the expertise needed within our judicial system to garner a guilty plea.

On a related note, a month after my mother’s murder, Johnson County Chief Deputy Joe Woodard and Investigator Shawn Brown were the first responders to a break-in of my mother’s house which had been sealed to preserve evidence for the ongoing homicide investigation. They apprehended (three individuals) in the act of stealing precious heirlooms and my mother’s rings and jewelry. Once again, a job well done by your Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

Anthony Shaw