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Soccer league looking for Tomahawk coverage

Dear Editor:

The Tomahawk newspaper has been a great source of local news for literally decades. Unfortunately, I just feel compelled to ask, why a wonderful group of Johnson county youths have been taking a back seat for almost ten years. For those of you who don’t know, we have a soccer league here in Johnson County currently consisting of about 125 players. The Johnson County youth soccer league proudly provides our children from ages to 5-18 years with an opportunity to participate in a competitive sport and learn from the lessons that sports participation offer. We have been operating for ten years now with great success thanks to support from volunteer coaches, referees and churches providing a place to practice and play. Over the years we have never been an economic drain in any way, we have been almost completely self-sufficient with only our registration fees and gracious generosity from a few local businesses. This league has been a blessing to so many and yet they have continuously taken a back seat to every other local athletic program. This league has earned the right at the very least to be mentioned in our local news. These players have never been so much as photographed for the sports section of our local paper nor have they been mentioned in any way. These are the simple observations from the parents, coaches and players. We would like to invite you out to watch a game on Saturdays with games starting at four and five at Assembly of God Church Hwy 421 N.

Brian Sweet


Dear Mr. Sweet:

Thank you for your letter concerning The Tomahawk’s lack of coverage of the soccer league in Johnson County. Please know that we hear you and understand your concern. Nothing would make us happier as parents, grandparents and members of the community ourselves than to be able to cover all the sports that our youth are involved in. Unfortunately, due to our limited staff, this is impossible for us to do. Our sports reporter, Jonathan Pleasant, works tirelessly in his part-time position to report and photograph as many Johnson County High School sports as his time and schedule allow. We have on occasion covered some middle school games, for instance when they were playing for the football championship last fall. However, the high school must be our primary, and often sole, focus. We are happy, however, to print information and pictures that are sent to us by representatives of the various leagues. Most recently, we consistently received and published reports from the middle school’s baseball team that were submitted by them each week. We invite you to do the same with the soccer league. Barring holiday schedules, our deadline for submissions is normally Monday at 4:30 p.m. for that week’s publication. Of course, we retain the right to edit all information submitted and occasionally space does not permit immediate publication, but as a general rule, we are happy to pass news and sports along to our readers.
Thank you for voicing your concerns to us on this issue. We hope this adequately addresses your letter to the editor.

Thank you,
Angie A. Gambill, Editor

Brian Sweet