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Senior Center thankful for United Way

To many non-profit organizations here in Johnson County the United Way is a beacon in the storm. The United way of Mountain City/Johnson County is always here to listen, encourage, and help where they can. We are proud and very grateful that they believe in us. The Johnson County Senior Center deems being a recipient of the United Way funding as a stamp of approval on our efforts. With the help of the United Way we can improve the lives of our senior (60 years and over) population here in Johnson County.
Because of funding from the United Way we can keep the costs of riding our van down. This enables more seniors to take advantage of our day-to-day van service here in the county and our out-of-town shopping and recreational trips outside of our county.
Seniors home alone do not always eat right. Who wants to cook for just one person? Because of the United Way, the Senior Center is here for them to come and share a meal with friends.
They can exercise, learn a new skill, and just visit with another person! Depression is a common condition in older people. We have several who come to the center as often as they can. They say that the center has saved their lives! Here they find a place where they belong and are needed. They find a new meaning for their lives!
With the help of the United Way, we can continue to be here for seniors in our county. This is just a little of how the United Way helps seniors in our county. We don’t know of another organization that has such a tremendous impact on the good in Johnson County. Please when you get the United Way brochure for support, remember to return it. No amount is too small, and you can’t go wrong supporting the United Way!

Thank you,
Joyce Kidd
Director, Johnson County Senior Center