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Sandusky sgtory in no way connected to Vaiden book

Dear Editor:
 Please be advised that the book “Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story” is in absolutely no way connected to “Touched” … A Bi-Polar Synopsis of the Human Condition … The Road to Maturity” by Frank “Buddy” Vaiden and published by Eloquent Book Publishing. “The Road to Maturity” is a scripturally based book for self-help addressing individuals and relationships. Also sharing with communities and families how they may better cope with the challenges of caretaking the mentally ill.

Book one is presently out of stock. The second book of the “Touched” series, completely re-edited, expanded, and revised to reflect updates and new insights, of the events of the last three years, will augment the basic precepts of the first book release. As many requests have been communicated to Perception Illumination Company as to the release of this second book, the publisher, and myself are doing everything needed to keep to this timetable.

The second book of the “Touched” series, “How You can Survive in a World without Law …the Ultimate Guide to Personal Success and Self-fulfillment,” is now being sent to the publisher for a projected published date of September 30, 2012.


Frank “Buddy” Vaiden
Mountain City, TN 37683