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Roark says it’s a blessing to have animal control in the city

Dear Editor:
I lived out in the county for several years. Dogs and cats were always being dumped on our road. There was no way we could keep them all. When we tried to get help we were always told nothing can be done.
For the last six years I am now living in the city. Any time I have had to call animal control they always come out and take care of the issue.
A few months ago we had a wild tomcat running the area. He injured my cats and a couple of my neighbors’ cats. I called animal control and shortly Mandy, the new Animal Control Officer, came out.
She set the trap and came out daily to check it. We caught lots of creatures, just not the one we wanted. It took weeks, I believe at least six. She never gave up. Finally after weeks of trying, she caught him.
I cannot say enough good things about what she did. Most would have given up after a week or so. But she never did. After living in the county and getting no help to living in town, it’s a real blessing to have animal control and such a good person who really cares.
I know the county would really appreciate some help. It’s terrible what people have to deal with not having any help. Our town and county just don’t seem to want to help. Not just with animal control, but most everything. Seems like it’s time for some big changes.

Debbi Roark