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Reverend from Speedwell Tennessee writes in about Phil Roberston

Dear Editor:

Who is Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty?

He is a multi millionaire using a whittling knife and a stick.
He was all state in two sports.
He was starting quarterback of Louisana Tech two seasons ahead of Terry Bradshaw.
His coaches and teammates said he had the talent to play in the NFL.
He majored in Physical Education.
He has a Master’s in Education.
He has been bringing the Gospel to thousands of sportsmen since 1990, the first time in the Superdome.
His source of reference is the King James Version of the Bible.
A&E is essentially seeking for him to renounce his faith.
All of the members of the Robertson family are active members of the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ.
Phil and his oldest son Al (who doesn’t appear on the show) serve as church elders.
He is not a hypocrite.

Rev. Earl Barnett
Speedwell, TN